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November 30, 2012
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invisible hope by Weissglut invisible hope by Weissglut
used in a wonderful video: -

dark work

Way Out West by *intao Petrochimie by ~Al-Baum
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Winter moon by ~IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS Within Reach by ~PiXEL-3J CD Cover I by *ComtesseDionaea
as time goes by by ~babyinblue Home by ~Gloom82 The Delicate Nature of Loss by ~FaintSketches
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Special Features - Other StuffWell, as I promised in my previous journal, this is dedicated to all my watchers in thanks for your support and for following my works. I have made ​​a compilation of some of your best works (not of all 'cause you are many xd). I guess when I get 1000 (impossible xd) I'll do another similar journal.
The fall began and isn't cold in my city, the damn sun is shining every day and even makes like summer heat.. is unbearable -_-"!
I cannot get enough inspiration (or desire) to make new works. Plus I get bored, it always make the same climate, I hate it :hate: .
Anyway, I look forward to the arrival of winter... I have really wanted to go back to get my camera (yes, that expensive camera that each month is costing me a kidney, or two...) and make new fucking photos _ .
Although I have some "random" sessions and photos out there, but I feel that they're not "my style" at all xD but I can submit them someday ('cause I like
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Yeah..this would be great ! I really like this style of it...
uh... sorry about my last post, I didn't know you were female. Well any member of the most honest music genre is a friend of mine.
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Oooohhh... I'm so sorry about that !
I didn't know that this is your own Avatar and I've used it only when you had another.

it is ok, I'm not going to go off my nut about it, my black metal brother.

Fine shot and work...
I'm really glad...thank you !
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