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August 23, 2013
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The Gate by Weissglut The Gate by Weissglut
25.08.13Hello to dear All!
Congratulations for Tom Kilbane and his daughter! New baby came to this world, and for now Tom is grandpa! :clap:
I want to say thanks to Tom for premium membership, very happy and glad.
This journal I want dedicate to some of my friends and not to friend, but very talented people with awesome piece of art, please write comments and add works to your fav's, give support for talented people!



August Feature:bulletyellow: m a n i p u l a t i o n s :bulletyellow:
      Chrysalis Heart by *ForestGirl In this other world by =AnjaMillen Lost by *MissMalefic L enfant et la barque by *Graphanita A MESSAGE OF HOPE by ~naradjou14 
I never was a bride by =AnjaMillen Silent Redemption by ~Aegils  Tant de belles choses... by *hearthy Forgotten Tears by *Juli-SnowWhite Lux Aeterna by ~Aegils
The Evening of the Dove by =DarkDevil16  Song of the Caged Bird by ~Lub-Ad  Le miroir d'Avalon by *Le-Regard-des-Elfes  a summer rain by =ZedLord-Art  Long Live the Queen by =AlexandriaDior  Luna by ~Brumae

Slumbering Dragon by ^Emerald-Depths Free your Imagination by =Alcove 
Enchanting Nature Feature IXHello everyone! :wave:
I know it's been over a month since the last Enchanting Nature Feature, but moving to another country is not that easy. I hope you enjoy this fresh feature of charming nature artworks! :la:
Enchanting Nature Feature



 I Know I Belong by =dandelion-field
Freedom is... by ~Vitaly-Sokol
Nisse by *S1ghtly
Bloom by =Fra-Emer
Spring sunset by =Fra-Emer

Life Is Strange...LIFE IS STRANGE…
Sometimes things accelerate unexpectedly and you find your life in a state of flux  - my photography has taken some twists and turns this month , been de-railed by lack of funds and some relationships have stalled. Time to step back and take some perspective, fix the relationships and things that are broken and move forward
My book of Art Nudes is still available via Amazon and Createspace at further reductions – plans are underway for a revised and expanded 2nd edition in early 2014

Title 'Art Nudes' Author 'Dave Ellis' - Paperback format 11" x 8.5"  154 pages / 101 images
ISBN-13: 978-1482067736 ISBN-10: 1482067730 Title ID: 4145578
createspace eshop
Contest Winners FeatureA feature for the winners of the winter contest from Stuff-n-Nonsense, el-karamelo and Weissglut :)

- by Weissglut Der Weg by Weissglut
Inside out by Weissglut The Gate by Weissglut mist of the past by Weissglut
~ by Weissglut Into The Green by Weissglut Inner Light by Weissglut
  Things I love #9 - COSMOS
:star: SPECIAL FEATURES :star:
:iconkokorox: :iconjocelyner:

My Little King by JocelyneRYou said a LLAMA? by JocelyneRWhat a face! by JocelyneR
Another Visitor by JocelyneRFirst Snow In October by JocelyneRWhite-crowned Sparrow by JocelyneR
Greedy Visitor by JocelyneRLovely Pine Siskin by JocelyneRCome to see me! by JocelyneR
:iconkokorox: :iconweissglut:
Still Conscious by WeissglutFairy Wood VI by Weissglut^ ^ by Weissglut
__ by WeissglutThey Look At Me by Weissglut[untitled] by Weissglut
+ + by WeissglutCrestfallen by WeissglutAutumn Fall by Weissglut
, by WeissglutFairy Wood IV by WeissglutFairy Wood V by Weissglut
Fairy Wood II by Weissglut' by Weissglut. by Weissglut

the magic tree by Weissglut misty autumn III by Weissglut Zauberwald by Weissglut
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This is so pretty, I very much wish I could be there right now. 
Thanks a lot ! I'm really glad you like it !
Princess-S-Y-Kiomari Oct 22, 2013  Student Photographer
I love this shot.
I'm really glad, thank you !
Princess-S-Y-Kiomari Oct 22, 2013  Student Photographer
You're welcome. ^w^
EdenaBlujul Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fascinating work and Gallery!
Thanks a lot ! I'm really glad about it ! :aww:
Val-Faustino Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful work :clap:
Thanks a lot ! I'm really glad you like it ! :aww:
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